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Male Sex Doll Ryan

Male Sex doll Ryan

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Endless fun and craziness are guaranteed with Ryan. Enjoy new experiences with him. Ryan is very fanciful, fun, and behind that good boy appearance, hides a real sex maniac.

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Ryan is a daring and fun sex doll, willing to do anything to make his partner enjoy. Ryan's sexual imagination has no limits, and that will make you enjoy sex as you have never imagined.

If you have an open mind like Ryan, you can spend many hours enjoying each other experimenting in bed, or anywhere.

Ryan is 140 cm tall and weighs 35 kg. The penis size is 17 to 20cm. It also allows oral and anal sex. Our sex dolls allow all positions.

Don't think about it! Ryan is daring and crazy, ready for anything.

This Male Sex Doll comes with the following gifts:

- 1 extra pair of eyes

- Extra reinforced feet

- 1 blanket

- 1 usb heater to warm up the orifices

- 1 irrigator for cleaning orifices.

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Male Sex doll Ryan
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