Mini Sex Dolls


Want an intimate experience with a smaller sized, yet incredibly realistic doll? Our Mini Sex Dolls combine sensual curves with a compact body, providing a unique and versatile experience. Their manageable size allows you to explore a variety of sexual positions with ease and are also ideal for collecting.

Authenticity in Every Detail. We are a specialty retailer of realistic dolls offering a diverse selection of sizes and high quality materials. Our high-end TPE silicone dolls will give you a tactile and visual experience that is strikingly close to the real thing.

Your Perfect Companion: Wondering if they really resemble a real woman? Our realistic dolls are designed with features that reflect the diversity of today's women. Whether slim, curvy, tall or petite, you're sure to find one that suits your preferences.

A Completely Satisfying Experience. Beyond the pleasure they provide, our sex dolls are designed to be understanding and willing companions, always ready to provide you with moments of delight and companionship.

Discover the Mini Sex Dolls that will fulfill your fantasies. Explore our collection and find the perfect mini sex doll to satisfy your most intimate desires and unforgettable experiences.

Mini Sex Doll Karen

€825.62 €525.62

Karen has incredible breasts. She is one of the most exuberant Mini Sex Dolls. Her beautiful face and her knockout body will make you want to be with her all day long. 

  • -€300.00

Mini Sex Doll Paulina

€890.00 €550.00

Mini Sex Doll Paulina loves oral sex, and she's ready to teach you everything she knows how to do. Her blonde hair and light eyes will take you to heaven, and will make you want to spend all day learning new sexual positions.

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  • -€340.00

Mini SexDoll Flora


Flora is beautiful, fun and playful. You can adopt every position imaginable with this beautiful mini sex doll.

We deliver all our dolls in 5 days totally discreetly and free of charge.

Mini SexDoll Veronica


Mini Sex Doll Verónica is an angel willing to entertain you like no other.

We deliver all our dolls in 3-5 days.

Mini Sex Doll Aria

€999.00 €649.00

Aria is small, sweet and sassy. Enjoy a fantasy world with her. Her small body is made for sin. Her breasts are gorgeous, and her ass is amazing.

  • -€350.00
  • Out-of-Stock

Mini SexDoll Tessa

€949.00 €649.00

Mini SexDoll Tessa of 125cm. Her beautiful sweet face, her big eyes and her mouth will make you fall in love. Tessa is looking for a partner with whom to enjoy sex at all times.

  • -€300.00