Alice sex doll

Sex Doll Alice


Alice is bold and lovable. Her large breasts and beautiful face will make you experience unforgettable moments. When you look at Alice's incredible brown eyes you will get lost in her gaze, and her long hair will excite you the whole time you share a bed with her.

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Alice is a nurse and spends her days thinking about all the sexual fantasies she has left to fulfill. Alice's favorite thing is to cum on her large breasts, but first she must practice oral and anal sex. Her lips will make you experience unforgettable sex sessions.

Dress Alice in a sexy way, she will do everything possible for you. Alice is ready to do anything to entertain you.

Her long blond hair and clear eyes will make you fall in love and excited in equal measure.

Sex Doll Alice is 158 cm tall and weighs 32 kg.

Don't think about it! Alice is exuberant and explosive, fulfilling all your expectations and desires.

Realistic doll Alice comes with the following gifts:

- 1 extra wig + her comb

- 1 extra pair of eyes

- Extra gusset on her feet

- 1 set of underwear

- 1 blanket

- 1 usb heater for warming orifices

- 1 sprinkler for cleaning orifices.

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