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Sex Doll Nicole

Sex Doll Nicole

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Sex Doll Nicole not only has a perfect body and the face of a real goddess... she is much more... her incredible personality, her desire to have sex until she is totally exhausted, will make you want to be with Nicole day and night.



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Nicole works in a coffee shop, and behind her sweet and friendly appearance hides a real sex machine. Her body is perfect, with firm breasts and an ass so incredible that you'll want to penetrate it just by looking at it.

Nicole has a beautiful face, and she knows it, so she loves to perform oral sex while looking at you with her beautiful eyes.

She's capable of spending the whole weekend fucking, it's what she loves most in the world. But she needs a person who can satisfy all her sexual desires.

When Nicole falls in love, she gives everything for her partner, and will make you discover the most incredible sexual fantasies you can imagine.

Sex Doll Nicole measures 160 cm and weighs 28kg. She offers the possibility of oral, anal and vaginal sex.

Don't think about it! Nicole is innocent and vicious, she will surprise you.

The realistic sex doll Nicole comes with the following gifts:

- 1 extra wig + her comb

- 1 extra pair of eyes

- Extra reinforcement on the feet

- 1 set of underwear

- 1 blanket

- 1 usb heater to warm up the orifices

- 1 irrigator for cleaning orifices.

Watch in video our beautiful sex doll Nicole

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Sex Doll Nicole
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