Sex Doll Sienna  - 1

Sex Doll Sienna


Sienna is an influencer with thousands and thousands of followers. Although she doesn't upload to Instagram her hottest photos, the ones she just wants to share with you. Sex doll Sienna has a gorgeous body, with a perfect ass, and a sweet and morbid face. Her blue eyes and her lips will ask you to practice oral sex with her all the time.



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Sienna has many vices, on her Instagram account she has thousands and thousands of followers, but what none of her followers know is that sex is her downfall. She is looking for a partner to practice it every day and every possible hour.

Sienna loves anal sex, and her amazing ass will make you practice it until you both reach orgasm. Her beautiful face and blue eyes will make you want to be with her all the time, and live together the most incredible sexual fantasies you can imagine.

Sienna will get sexy for you, and she will ask you to do absolutely everything for her.

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Sienna measures 160 cm. She offers the possibility of oral, anal and vaginal sex. 

Don't think about it! Sienna is beautiful and loves to experience new experiences. 

This Sex Doll comes with the following gifts:

- 1 extra wig + her comb

- 1 extra pair of eyes

- Extra reinforced feet 

- 1 set of underwear

- 1 blanket

- 1 usb heater to warm up the orifices

- 1 irrigator for cleaning orifices.

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